Corina Blom
When I started to take my art seriously about 5 years ago, I could not stop sketching, drawing, painting, photographing and etching. I have grown a lot since then, both technically and substantively. I make better art every day thanks to practise and thought.
My art usually depicts landscapes. They are mostly farviews in wich you will be forced to overlook the whole. I like big elements in my bold compositions. My palette is limited to almost all black and white. Colour is very distracting to me. In reducing shapes to black and white I find you can see better what is most important. It eleminates all that is unnecessary.
The use of bold compositioning and the black and white explains my love for printing techniques such as dry point, mezzotint and lino cut. The black seems more black here.
Trees are  returning subjects in my art. In the past it were the trees alongside the road that cought my eye. I passed them in my car during the same time every week; I saw the changes of the light clearly throughout the year.So I had the steady elements (the trees and the road) and the changeable element (light/sky) to play with...lately I am drawn to randomly placed elements in nature. I like to think about how the whole worls history had to take place for me to see certain things like birds in flight, lightreflections on water or stones at the beach.
What do you remember when things go by? What is lasting? What is it that makes it worth something? What makes me see things differently each time?
Life goes by in rythms that are seasons, months, weeks; what makes it worthwhile?

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